Your Opportunity for Industry Recognition

Abstract Deadline: February 26, 2018
Presentation Deadline: May 1, 2018

Help advance your career and the industry by sharing your wealth of corrosion mitigation knowledge. NACE is currently accepting abstracts for presentations on the following topics:

Passive Fire Protection (Intumescent, Cementitious and Light Weight Cementitious), including Codes and Regulations, Testing Protocol, Application Methods, and Inspection.

  • How Intumescents protect and how Fire Ratings are achieved
  • Epoxy Intumescents
  • Acrylic Intumescents
  • Cementitious and Light Weight Cementitious
  • Application methods and techiques
  • Inspection

Corrosion Under Insulation, including Corrosion Mechanism, Types of Corrosion, Effects of Ions, Different Generic Insulations, and Coatings for the prevention of CUI.

  • Is CUI Immersion Service?
  • Factors influencing CUI
  • Corrosion Mechanism in CUI
  • Effects of the different generic insulation products in CUI
  • Coating specification for CUI
  • Factors influencing High Temperature Corrosion in CUI

Thermal Spray Coatings including TSA, TSZ as well as galvanizing for use in CUI and PFP.

  • Thermal Spray in High Temperature Service
  • Thermal Spray under insulation
  • TSA VS TSZ in High Temperature Svc and CUI
  • Effect of Alloy choice
  • Role of galvanizing in CUI and High Temperature Svc
  • Methods of galvanizing

Why Should I Submit an Abstract?

Become recognized as an industry leader by presenting your knowledge to peers.

Enhance your career with the connections and business opportunities you will gain from showcasing your experience.

Have a positive impact by helping others enrich their understanding of corrosion solutions.

Things to Keep in Mind

NACE International will require the following for any approved abstracts:
  • A formal presentation of your abstract presented at the event. Presenters may be eligible to receive a discounted price to attend.
  • A presentation between 30-45 minutes, depending on the schedule of the event.
  • A PowerPoint presentation is required with the presentation.
  • All listed deadlines are met for presentation review.
  • All formatting and content requirements are followed for presentations.
  • A signed copyright release agreement.
  • A brief biography.